Subject: Re: Business Opportunity
From: DaGeek247 <>
Date: 3/24/2013 12:53 AM

The other link is up as well. Thanks for permission to do this.

On 3/22/2013 8:01 PM, Memories of History wrote:
Thanks for your interest in our site.

The answer is....yes.  You can continue to do what you are doing.
If you would just put a link to our site we would
appreciate it.

Thanks again!

Have a great day!
Brent Stringer
Content Manager

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Subject: Business Opportunity

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$subject: Business Opportunity
message: So I am an avid reader of the smbc webcomics. and recently the artist posted this comic on his

Here is where you come in. I made a small website that does what the comic
shows, and it uses your data to do it.

Originally, it would only be me who was using the site, but it turned out so
well that I shared it with the artist, who has a large online following. I
am contacting you guys to ask permission to keep my small project up, and to
allow me to keep using your data to do it.

It uses more traffic than the average user, and so I completely understand
if your answer is no. It would be great if I got permission to do this, and
I knew you guys were ok with it.

I am completely willing to display an advertisment for you to help offset
the cost of your server time that is used by my script. I am also willing to
move to another website if you think it is a bad waste of your resources to
allow me to keep it up.

If there is an api I could use for this, it would be even better, and I
would love it if you showed me the information page for the api. I did look,
but I didn't find anything of major interest.

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